The creator is a hunter-inventor of images with a significance. Figurative or abstract, these images come undoubtedly from nature and exist under its laws.

Among those virtues, whether we accept it or not, there is a place for Eroticism understanding "eroticism" as the loving act, the terreous love, the love of body and spirit.

Sex is like the subterranean water, invisible but powerful. All of us are an effect of its cause. It is an act of love and, at the same time it is an act of survival. It is an act of the spirit and the culture, but also of the animal sublimated and freed.

The creator simply recreates "eroticism" as another subject that touches us in the intimate fibers. Eros/Erotica for me is just an artistic adventure behind pornography and beyond TV; an adventure that tries to situate eroticism where it belongs, in the niches of the mind, the skin and the heart.